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Top 100 On-Premise wines is a celebration of 100 top wines at the Sommeliers Choice Awards. Uniquely, the T100Wines are selected from votes made by top Sommeliers and On-Premise wine buyers of USA.

Results of the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards are out now.

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The top two questions that sommeliers will be attempting to answer at the Sommeliers Choice Awards as they judge wines is: “Would we stock this?” and "Will the consumer buy the 2nd glass".

F (Food Parability Score) + T (Typicity Score) + Q (Quality Score) + Value Score (V) + Package Score (P) = Sommeliers Choice Awards Final Score.

A separate weighted score will be given for each of the parts of the judging process. The scores will be added up to give a final score from which individual prizes will be awarded.

1. Initially be tasted blind to determine its quality, food parability and typicity. Judges will write down the price based on their assessment to late evaluate the value score.

2. Judges will then determine the package and value score of the wine once they are revealed with actual price and shown the package. The package will be judged for the on-premise considering factors like label design and information, closure, and overall look.

3. The judges can discuss the wine as a whole to help allocate scores in the four judging areas however each judge will give the wine its own score and the average will be taken as the final score.

4. Judges will also mark 'By The Glass if they think the wine is a good fit for By The Glass.

5. Food parability and quality will get more weight for their scores.

Submissions are now open for the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards. Top 100 Wines at the Sommeliers Choice Awards will make the 2019 USA's Top 100 On-Premise wines which will be marketed to restaurants and on-premise buyers of USA.

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